Friday, 2 September 2016

Next Big Change: Steel Buildings over Concrete

             Steel structures, steel manufactured buildings & other steel products have a great contribution reducing carbon from the environment. Along with this, steel constructions are even prepared to fight with any natural disaster. Thus, its qualities, protect nature & also shelter us & minimizes the impact disasters. It is the major component which indirectly plays a significant role in balancing cycle of the environment.

           Rapid industrialization, population growth & increased standard of living is costing an imbalance in the ecosystem.  The waste material created out of millions of houses & industries is hazardous for health & also, very poisonous of all living creatures other than human beings. Steel is quite helpful in this case. Scraps steel or waste steel can be recycled & reused. Also, there is no any harm caused to nature in this process. In fact, the by-products and waste of recycling are a valuable source of energy.

          Steel infrastructures have led in reducing the greenhouse gas effect to a larger extent. Thus, there must be efforts in finding out sustainable ways to use steel globally. With the use of advanced technology, it has reduced effects of carbon footprints & greenhouse gasses to a commendable proportion. This component should be used in a maximum way to benefit environment & balance ecosystem. 

       Moreover, steel buildings increase space available by almost 10%, increasing the profit of the builders!

            It is said that steel has reduced energy consumption by 60 % per tonne in last 50 years. It is huge & this makes it a worthy material to have sustainable future plans globally. Observing the present scenario, carbon capture, utilization & storage technologies are yet not fully developed. These technologies need to be developed so that sustainability of steel could be maintained & thus, the environment will be benefited.


   The steel industry has put maximum efforts to protect the environment & climatic conditions. The World should note its benefits & develop innovative ideas to sustain it. 

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