Thursday, 8 September 2016

Benefits of structural steel

Structural steel has become the first choice in construction. The framing system out of steel has its own unique specialty. Let’s go through 5 benefits of structural steel:

1)    Creative freedom:
Today, we witness complex steel materials stand with an aura of class & beauty. The structural steel has allowed using innovative blending technology & creating wonderful shapes out of it. From simple structures to complex but beautiful designs created by architectures, structure steel executes it very well & exact.

2)    Modifiable:
It is always possible to modify steel structures as per the changing requirements such as vertical expansions, new applications, loading conditions, etc. The existing steel building can be modified with changing needs & that too with little disruption to the framing system.

3)    Efficiency:
A steel column occupies 75% less floor space than a concrete column. Also, structural steel allows longer span that eliminates the intermediate columns. This increases the efficiency of office buildings & helps them get a perfect office layout.

4)    Aesthetic sense:
Colour coatings, freedom to explore creative strengths of architectures & natural lighting expose the elegance in the simplicity of buildings. It is possible to bend steel sections & rolled to create non-linear elements that enhance the look of the structure.

5)    Construction pace:
3 D interoperability and Building Information Modelling are the two advanced technologies which help designers & steel specialty contractors to interact & co-operate well. Thus, it saves a lot of times & speeds up the construction using structural steel.

These are some of the plus points & reasons why is structural steel, a most preferred material in construction. Along with these, low cost, easy availability, high strength, etc also makes structural steel the perfect material for the ever changing world. Steel Industry is now majorly known for its flexible structure materials & readiness to mould steel into any shape or design.


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