Thursday, 22 September 2016

Impossible Things without Steel

       Steel with its durable yet flexible nature has effortlessly blended itself in the modern society as a dependable raw material for projects across various industries. 

      Steel has shaped and acted as a catalyst in the modern society with its implications for complex projects.

      VKICL has listed down a few things, which would be impossible to imagine without our beloved steel. 

     1.  Razor Blade – Ask any modern day man, how a clean shave boosts his confidence at workplace and how important it is to find a comfortable razor for the same. The blades in razor blades are made up of stainless steel and provide a sharp edge for a clean shave, and its anti-rust property makes its safe for cosmetic use. 

     2.  Steel Chains - A simple design break through make steel chains more durable and strong rather than regular ropes. The moulds on the each bracket increase the overall breaking threshold of the rope or chain making it ideal for high strength projects. 


     3.  Steel Ropes in Bridges – Traditional lever bridges have high tensile steel used in them for support. This steel provided the much required strength it requires from the steel cables. 

     4.   Steel Beams in Construction – Modern day sky scrapers and buildings use steel rods for construction which gives them the required strength to hold on for decades. 

     5.  Brake Discs – The brake discs in almost all modes of transport have steel plates as brakes. Owing to the high melting point, it acts as a great friction surface for vehicles to get their speed lower. 

     6.  Storage Cells / Containers –  Most mega F&B factories which use liquid for storage or raw material use huge stainless steel containers for the purpose. Since its not reactive with most of the liquids and food products, it doesn’t chemically react with the product stored. Milk in dairy factories is stored in such cells. 

     7.  Safety Pin – A small yet old invention which has helped the mankind since ages, safety pin, is made up of stainless steel. It makes it flexible, strong and long lasting. Even in small sizes the steel used retains its properties. 

     8.  Steel Wheels – Modern day train wheels are made up of steel which makes them durable for long journeys with heavy loads. 

     9.  Steel Safes – A durable companion for keeping your valuables safe. Since over a century now, steel safes are still famous and trust worthy to keep precious belongings safe. 

 10.  Arresting Cables - Arresting cables on modern day aircraft carriers enable fighter aircrafts land in an extremely short landing distance surface. A hook from the aircraft is lowered just before the landing which gets caught in one of the arresting cables lying on the ground. The ropes or cables have to bear with tremendous pressure, landing after landing. 

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