Friday, 30 September 2016

10 Ways to Get the Best Offer for Finished Steel

     With global market becoming less fragmented, and the reach of the customer across the globe, it is crucial to be able to ask for right quotes in the market. Steel market being no exception, its crucial for the stock holder or the company you are interested in dealing with, to understand your demand and request and send you offer in time.

    Since there is no set procedure to request a quote, we at VKICL draft out a few pointers for you to get better quotes promptly.

   An RFQ, or Request for Quotation is drafted by the customer towards the stock holder or steel company he is interested in. The following points should be kept in mind while drafting a sharp RFQ for better results.

1.      Grades and Specification - Mention the required grade or specification in the steel sheets you’re looking out for. Certain grades require different treatment and cost more.

2.      Country of Origin/Mill – Various projects require steel from specific countries or mills depending on which countries and mills are approved for the project. Hence, it is very important to specify make or mill required in the RFQ for the best and appropriate offer.

3.      Syntax – Follow the industry standard for your specific inquiries. For Sheets/Plates mention the size in the following format:
Thickness (mm) x Width (mm) x Length (mm) – No. of Pcs
It’ll be easier to calculate per unit cost for your order as well. You can also use our weight calculator for the same -

4.      Delivery Timeline – Mention the delivery timeline in the RFQ, this way the company will be able to gauge its delivery dispatch time in advance and availability of the product as well. Sometimes, this can help in reducing the cost if make to order with lead times is acceptable.

5.      Dimensions – Most plates and sheets are available in standard sizes. To avoid wastage, if you specify your required dimensions, the company will provide you with the best suitable options. Moreover, you can also inform the designer about the standard sizes so as to reduce cost of the project.

6.      Equivalent Grade – Moreover, state clearly if equivalent grades in different standards are acceptable. This helps in getting an offer if the required grade is not available.

7.      Thickness – Because of the standard dimensions, standard thickness are available with companies. And based on your demand, they’ll provide with the best alternative. You must always specify if you’re okay with higher or lower thickness of sheets as well.

8.      Other Special Requirement: Different types of projects required different types of steel. Sometime additional tests are required in a particular grade. For example UT testing as per EN standard or Z-test. The same should be stated clearly in the RFQ for appropriate offer. Each additional requirement costs extra and not all plates pass for the same.

9.      Bid Closing Period – Always specify when is the RFQ or Bid closing date, it’ll help the companies to keep a track for sending quotes and knowing the results.


10.   Visit our website  to know about more steel products and inquire about your demand.

Usually each company has its own standard format for RFQ’s, so that they can quickly and easily filter the required information. However, the same is not apt for getting offer. Thus, you can always customize your form based upon your request and try the following points during your next procurement period.

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