Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Steel and its Modern Implications

       Steel has changed and shaped the world we live in like no other material. It has pre dominantly made its mark and established its vital importance in our lives.  Steel in this modern world is the work horse of the long race. From shipping containers, to cranes, from shipping vessels, to skeletons of sky scrappers, our mighty old steel has guided us towards development like no other material.'

      And with technological advancements steel too has moulded itself to fill in the modern day requirements.  It has successfully proved as an efficient raw material in many complex projects of the 21st century. Listed below are few complex implications of steel where it has proved its ground and industries where steel acted as a catalyst to fasten up the project and propelled mankind towards success. 

 1.    Medicine – Many cutting edge surgical equipments, which need to be sturdy and precise, are now made up of steel for its fine quality of being steady, flexible, sharp and long lasting at the same time. Also, steel equipments can be easily sterilized.


         2. Nano Technology -  New age nano technology uses steel material as it retains its properties of being flexible even at micro measurements which is a pre requisite in the industry. It helps achieve complex goals with an ease of use.



       3. Robotics – The future of technology, robotics, relies heavily on modern steel for its functionality and usage. The intricate mother boards, wiring, majority of hardware, and parts are made up of steel as its light yet durable for such projects.

       4. Space Technology – Through the decades, steel and aluminium have been dominating the field, but with advancements and our space exploration expanding its boundaries, scientist have been relying on steel as an efficient material for building space rockets. It provides as a durable companion in building multi-stage aircrafts carrying heavy payloads and satellites which orbit our planet.  With space exploration reaching new heights, steel remains a dependable companion in the journey for man.

       5. Transport – Majority of transport vehicles, ships, trains, cars, bikes, use steel as a primary raw material in them since ages. But even the new and modern transport system have successfully incorporated steel in them. The bullet train and maglev (magnetic train) use steel  in tracks for its properties of being durable and magnetic. The new age EV’s or Electric Vehicles use steel in their body, guiding systems and mapping mechanisms.

      6. Construction – Sky scrappers and buildings for residential and commercial complexes are now using steel as their primary structural material for building as its durable and long lasting. Also, the recyclable properties of steel make it the choice of the future generation as well.

      7.Communication – Many electronic gadgets and electronics use steel in them. Modern mobile phones and laptops have alloys of steel in them, which are easily retracted from them during recycling and can be used over again.

   Scientist are now looking forward to harness more potential and power from steel trying to make it more durable and long lasting. At VK Steel its our primary objective to keep the vision of the future in mind and provide to our customers the best in the world market. 

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