Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Five Fun Facts about Steel

Steel is the most commonly used & promising element across the world. Let’s go through some very interesting steel facts.

1.    Single recycled steel saves enough energy to light a 60-watt bulb.
Isn’t it interesting? This is why we need to work on the sustainable development of steel industry to lighten up the world & conserve energy at the same time.

2.    One household contains 65% of steel materials.
It means that a maximum number of things that you are surrounded is made up of steel. Steel is everywhere; in fact, steel has its presence in almost every material that we use.

3.    A computer is made up of about 25% of steel.
The tech savvy & computerized world that we all live in has its 25% of a base made out of steel. Yes! Steel is even a part of all the tech equipment. When computer become scrap material after a few years the 25 % amount steel can be recycled & used again. That’s one of the benefits of using steel components.

4.    Steel was first used as a major component in railroad tracks
Steel Industry offer a huge variety and endless applications of steel. But, initially, it was used in the construction of rail tracks. Thus, it also plays a crucial part in connecting the world together by rail routes.


5.Steel when recycled never loses its quality.
This is one of a most amazing feature of steel. Even after recycling, steel can still be mould into different shapes & sizes without losing its original shine. Not only small things but steel waste out of huge structures, bridges & buildings can be recycled easily without causing harm to nature.

These are some interesting facts about steel. Steel is everywhere and making efforts to build up the society. Few smart & intelligent innovations in steel industry can invent a lot more environment-friendly applications & uses.

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