Sunday, 11 June 2017

Pre-engineered structures; A new trend in Steel Market

Steel has many valuable points in its court that makes it one of the most preferred material in modern constructions. Each trend in Steel Sector comes up with a long lasting promise of quality, durability & aesthetic features.  Across the world, steel structures have created wonders with their appearances and strong built. Many renowned engineers have ticked an assured yes before steel in terms of its trustworthiness.

And here comes a time to get introduced with the new trend in the steel industry. It is Pre-engineered Steel Buildings. A very new, very challenging trend with a huge market scope in India is making news nowadays. Let’s know a few details about the same. The huge development in the economic infrastructure of our country has boosted the latest trend in steel market to emerge and grow at the highest speed. This new trend is known as Pre-engineered Steel Buildings(PEB) and it has become a popular name in the industrial sector as well. The growth in the sectors of logistics, Pharma, automotive, FMCG, etc is directly proportional to the huge number of opportunities for PEB in Indian Market.

PEB makes detailing of the external structural easier and thus helps in executing the concept more confidently. Initially, this type of feature was not in demand at all. But after a certain point of time when the construction process paced up, space availability was limited and portability became the need of hour, PEB was preferred by maximum manufacturers, architects in the steel industry. The reason why it has gain so much popularity in such less time is because of it being recyclable, having scrap value and it can also be dismantled and placed at some other location.  Moreover, it can be erected at some outside location and easily be transported anywhere. 

Yet, a large number of the market segment does not view prefabricated steel with a positive perspective. There is a need to aware them about the benefits of PEB in construction. PEB brings freedom to designers while executing the concept with class & creativity. It is flexible, durable and a quality oriented mechanism. Apart from the sectors mentioned above, PEB will have various applications in Heavy Engineering and larger Infrastructure projects such as Airports, Terminals, and Railways. It seems that this trend is going to be productive and long lasting for sure!


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